How to get SmartSchool?

If your school is already a client of ours you will automatically be added to the system. If your school does not use our fantastic product please get your school to contact us.

were to get SmartSchool?

Be part of a school that is already using our system and you will automatically be added on to the system.

How does it work?

SmartSchool is completely web based and it will work on any computer or smart device.

What internet browser to use?

SmartSchool is supported with any browser but it performs best on google chrome.

what you can expect to access with SmartSchool?

These are the following Modules: Time Table, Communication, News, Homework, Calendar, Study Material, Report and Chatroom.

New modules coming soon.


Here you will find a few samples of what SmartSchool really looks like.


Questions and Answers.

Here are a few question we receive with some frequency.

What are the security features?

Because the system is web based it is hosted behind a very powerful hosting environment, software and infrastructure that will ensure no one has access to any kind of information pertaining to users on our system.

How can I update my user profile?

If you are an admin user, teacher or a parent you will have access to change your own user profile details. Students will have limited access.

How will this software improve education?

SmartSchool will provide the facility to bring more information in an electronic format that can be accessed from anywhere at any time. By providing the parents access to our system we are ensuring that parents are once again involved in the education of their children.

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